Published Work


“A Review of Claudia Rankine’s Citizen, An American Lyric,” Brevity Magazine, January, 2016,

“The Crossing,” Blue Lyra Review, Fall 2015

“The Memory Palate,” 1966 Journal, December 2014,

“The Memory Palate,” A Pink Suitcase, 22 Tales of Women’s Travel,

“Houses,” ASCENT, February 2014, nominated, Best of the Net, 2014,

“Pilgrimage,” Ploughshares, Winter 2013-2014

“Hidden Messages,” Stone Voices, Winter 2013

“The Path,” TOSKA, Winter 2013,

“The Groves,” CALYX, Summer 2013

“Hiding,” ASCENT, August 27, 2012, notable essay, Best American Essays, 2013,

“This is Blood,” Twelve Breaths A Minute, 2011, At the End of Life, True Stories of How We Die, Creative Nonfiction Books, 2012

“Circling My Father,” winner Michael Steinburg Essay Prize, Fourth Genre, 2011

“She’s Fine,” Dutiful Daughters, Caring for our Parents as They Grow Old, Seal Press, 1999

“Canning Jars,” Surviving Crisis, Twenty Prominent Authors Write About Events That Shaped their Lives, Tarcher/Putnam, 1997, Honorable Mention, Narrative nonfiction, Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition 2014

“December Dilemma,” Lilith Magazine, 1996

“A Father’s Daughter,” Calliope, 1988

“The Wound,” Ploughshares, 1987



“Midrash,” Redux, 2012, first published, the New England Review,1997

“Fictions,” Ploughshares, Spring 2002

“Minstrel,” Persea Books, 2007

“The Temple Chooses a Rabbi,” Bridges, 1996

“Winter Without Snow,” Green Mountains Review, 1991

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