Leaving VCCA– but not quite

Posted on by Sandell Morse

I am leaving the soft Virginia air, the nearly constant bird song, blue birds, mourning doves, the muffled sounds of horses, sightings of rabbits and ground hogs– who knew I would learn to love a ground hog– outside my studio window. I am leaving evenings filled with art, music and literature, artists’ open studios, composers’ music, writers’ words. I am leaving my long walks past an old cottage that I love, past goats in a field, past trailers, small houses, crowds sitting and talking on porches, children playing in yards. I am leaving my studio, the long hours, the work taking hold. I dove down into its depths and stayed there. That is a good thing. But I’m not finished. Yet, I must leave, say goodbye to the VCCA– until next time.

But wait, another day, I can stay one more day to complete this piece I’m working on, a piece that grips me. And I can celebrate, afterwards with all of the artists, composers and writers here at Pat Oleszko’s and Krin Fleisher’s  fĂȘte galante tomorrow afternoon.

See, we do have fun.

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