Gifts of Arrival at the VCCA

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IMG_0970Cow flags flying. I love the cow flags. They fly on special occasions– when guests arrive for open studios, when the board arrives for a meeting. What was today? Turns out they were yesterday’s flags still flying. Lucky me. 

Soft air. 

The smell of boxwood.

Warm hugs from Carolyn Angus, David Grant, Valerie Miner, Bea Booker.






A walk along the back road to find for the goats I love.




My studio with a view to green, green grass and green, green leaves on trees. Maine is still bare and brown. A book on a shelf inside: Writing Between the Lines, an anthology of war and its consequences. In the book, a poem by Lloyd Schwartz, “Gisela Brünig.” The opening lines: “Why should I remember now? More than 20 years …The Paris Opéra. My first trip to Europe.”

An unwritten text between those lines, Nazi Germany, Jews, the Second World War.

And this is why I am here, to fill the white space between the essays I am writing about war, Jews and Vichy France, to find the connective tissue, to make these essays into a book.  This is the mystery and the magic– but not without hard, hard work.  


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