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A writer’s faith that the blank page will yield; a sculptor’s faith that she will find form inside of wood or marble, a painter’s faith in line and brush. Lev’s faith that the world will give.
My friend, Sue, has had a strong reaction to my blog post, A Bump in the Road. In a word, she is angry. She isn’t alone. Many of my friends are angry, not with me, with my son. Sitting on tall chairs inside the Stonewall Kitchen café, eating salads, Sue and I have talked about our families and our work, pleasant conversation. Now, Sue says, “I have to ask you. Why did you let your son off the hook? I don’t want to say anything bad about him—he’s your son—but what an opportunity this could have been for you and your grand daughter.”
My Bat Mitzvah. My grand daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, the two of us working together.
Sue touches her heart. “I kvell when I think about it.”
Ah that Yiddish word: joy beyond joy.
            But, Sue does not know my family, our past rifts and hard feelings. So many divisive moments. I didn’t want another one. Yet, I do want to become a Bat Mitzvah, a daughter of the commandments, a woman who commits herself to a Jewish way of life. I assure Sue I’m not giving up, but I need to find something that will give my projects and my exploration of values closure. I confess, “Sue, with all that I’m doing. I feel as if it’s not enough. Something’s missing. I’m sure Lev would have figured it out.”
Fork mid air. Sue tilts her head, pausing before she speaks. “You need the Jewish piece. The more traditional piece. One of the nicest Bat Mitzvahs I did….
Did she say? Did I hear? I don’t let her finish. “You do Bat Mitzvahs?”
Why didn’t I know that? Sue is a Jewish singer, songwriter, musician. A Jewish educator. Often she collaborates with Rabbi Lev. Of course, she does Bat Mitzvahs. Would she? Could she?
 “Nothing would give me greater pleasure,” Sue says.
And it is as if Rabbi Lev is here at our table, giving us his sideways glance. He has the most mischievous grin. And he has faith that if you get our of your own way and make room in your heart for possibility, possibility has room to breeze in. 

Visit Sue’s website: Modern Jewish Music

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  1. So what will your compromise now be Sandell? How will you not offend your son and still have what you want of the day, a different day is possible now perhaps? If that is the case I hope your son will have the grace to attend with trumpets blowing for you. xx Hugs

  2. No, compromise, David. I’m going second. I’ve avoided birthdays. I’ve chosen October 5th as my day. Hopefully, all of my family will be with me– and friends. All who want to come.

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