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A Pink Suitcase

Posted on by Sandell Morse

My suitcase is small enough to fit in an overhead bin, light enough to lug—with difficulty—up and down the steep steps of the Paris Metro, light enough to carry—again with difficulty—up the even steeper steps of a bridge that crosses … Continue reading

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A Reading in Lynchburg

Posted on by Sandell Morse

Would be lovely in anyone is in the area. Please stop by. 

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“The Memory Palate” in 1966, A Journal of Creative Nonfiction

Posted on by Sandell Morse

Kelly Gray Carlisle, editor of 1966, A Journal of Creative Nonfiction, has just announced the online publication of issue #4. I’m pleased to say that my essay, “The Memory Palate” is included in the pages. In this essay, I am … Continue reading

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My Invisible Cloud

Posted on by Sandell Morse

Dinner tonight at Vins des Pyrenees, a very typical French bistro on a narrow side street near my hotel in the Marais. Dark wooden panels on the walls, dark wooden tables, dark wooden chairs, simple dishes, tasteful and served hot … Continue reading

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Memorial to the Victims of the Vel d’ Hiv

Posted on by Sandell Morse

The memorial is easy to pass without noticing, which I did, Tuesday afternoon. What I didn’t know was that there are two memorials erected in memory of the 13,000 Jewish men, women and children who had been held in the … Continue reading

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First Evening in Paris

Posted on by Sandell Morse

        First evening in Paris. Bistro Le Temps des Cerises. In a park I have seen blossoms. Cherries? I don’t know. Tulips bloomed. And lilacs, that deep French blue. I have made my way to this tiny … Continue reading

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Last Morning in Paris

Posted on by Sandell Morse

On this, my last morning in Paris, am up with the pigeons and the street sweepers, men wearing green trousers and green shirts, the green bristles of their brooms matching. I have made a promise to myself, so in spite … Continue reading

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Driving to Beaulieu sur Dordogne

Posted on by Sandell Morse

Yesterday, driving my rental car, I traveled back roads from Auvillar, a village in south west France to Beaulieu sur Dordogne, a village north and east. I circled roundabouts, two, sometimes, three times in order to read road signs. I … Continue reading

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En Ce Moment

Posted on by Sandell Morse

Late this afternoon in Paris, I accepted a ride with a stranger. As I crossed a street, guide book in hand, I saw a man, dark hair, sturdy looking, smoking and standing just behind a car parked at a corner. … Continue reading

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