“Brown Leather Satchel” Published in Fourth Genre

Posted on by Sandell Morse

fg192-coverDelighted to have “Brown Leather Satchel” in the current issue of Fourth Genre. http://msupress.org/journals/fg/ The essay is adapted from a chapter in my manuscript, Unearthing Stories of Jewish Women in Vichy France. Unearthing Stories of Jewish Women in Vichy France tells the intertwined true stories of four women, three French one American. Inga Borhmann, now Yvonne, is one of the French women. I am the American.

The essay begins:

December 27, 1938. Ludwigshafen, Germany. Inga Borhmann, age nine, adjusted the strap of her brown leather satchel. It was a small satchel, shaped like an envelope, and it hung low below her hip bone. Inside, she had packed paper, pencils for drawing….”


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