The Oak of Henri IV

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The Oak of Henry IV

The Oak of Henry IV

Driving back from Moissac yesterday, I stopped to see the Oak Tree of Henri IV. The story goes that Henri and his entourage of 44 cavaliers, his wife, Queen Margot and a suite of ladies and gentlemen, all arrived on the side of this road after a grand feast in Auvillar where they devoured 92 pounds of beef, 138 pounds of mutton, 58 pounds of veal, 76 chickens, a goat, a peacock, 2 hares, 2 rabbits, intestines of two sheep, the intestines of a small cow, a quarteron of eggs, 33 pounds of bacon, doze pieces de four and a grand quantity of fruit. Along with their feast they drank a great quantity of red and white wine.

The king developed a great thirst. Near this oak, there was a spring. The entourage stopped to drink and to rest. And today, I walked on that ground and touched the grand oak.

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