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Posted on by Sandell Morse

A writer’s faith that the blank page will yield; a sculptor’s faith that she will find form inside of wood or marble, a painter’s faith in line and brush. Lev’s faith that the world will give. My friend, Sue, has … Continue reading

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A Bump In The Road

Posted on by Sandell Morse

On the speaker phone, my middle son’s voice fills my car. I’m driving north into the mountains, my husband beside me in the passenger’s seat. My son is seventeen hundred miles away, shouting, “You had thirty years before this. You … Continue reading

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Posted on by Sandell Morse

Awareness. Is awareness one of the ten values I will name preparing for my Bat Mitzvah? The word feels strange on my tongue. Aware meaning cognizant, conscious, alert. Ness, a suffix attached to an adjective or a participle to form … Continue reading

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This Season of Giving

Posted on by Sandell Morse

Now that I am thinking about values, I cherish and wish to pass on, they spill forth, integrity, honesty, compassion and in this season of giving tzedakah, a Hebrew word we often translate as charity.             Yesterday at a Bat … Continue reading

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Grammy’s Bat Mitzvah, A Journey

Posted on by Sandell Morse

What will a Bat Mitzvah of this soon to be seventy-four year old grandmother look like? I figured I’d have to study Hebrew, learn a few prayers, bless bread and wine, provide a teaching moment, serve lunch, then hugs all … Continue reading

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Papa’s Yhartzeit

Posted on by Sandell Morse

Looking for oncoming traffic before turning on to York Street on my way to a yoga class, I saw the lead hearse in what turned out to be a very long funeral procession. Tears welled, and I cried. I had … Continue reading

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